CCC Statement on COVID-19/Uprisings

The coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge to navigate for everyone. From school and work closures to quarantine, we have all had to grapple with an unprecedented global event. Chester Community Coalition was no exception. We interrupted or programming, switched to teletherapy and worked from home in compliance with CDC and State guidance. We worked hard to adjust to the evolving face of the pandemic, developing new ways to continue to embody our mission of providing healing and stemming violence in Chester.

In addition to the distress of a global pandemic, the US also experienced uprisings in response to racist violence and police injustice. We at Chester Community Coalition want to make it clear that we support empowerment and self-determination for black, brown, and indigenous people. We also strongly support the right of all persons to safety and fair treatment under the law. There are paths forward. Building community trust is an important contribution the police can make toward reducing violent crime. We recognize the historical trauma of racism and white supremacy and want to be part of a necessary healing process for everyone in need of support in the Chester community.

As such, we created and continue to maintain an open support group for anyone struggling with the compound trauma of the pandemic, the uprisings, and/or community violence. Links to that group can be found on our Facebook page. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Like many organizations and communities across the country, we are planning for programs in the fall. While we cannot realistically conceive of everything that may occur, we commit to examining available information to ensure the safest environment and highest quality of care for all our clients. We are relying heavily on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state government, policies set by Shiloh where we hold in-person meetings, and feedback from our staff, former clients, and community.

A reopening plan based on all available information is in process. To add your voice to our plan, please complete this survey.

Whether in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of both, Chester Community Coalition will be guided by our values of respect, compassion, and accountability. We will be as transparent as possible through this time and stay accessible for you to share your thoughts, questions, and/or concerns.

Thank you for your trust in us over the last three years. We hope to continue to earn it every day moving forward.