Dr. Erika Dawkins

Dr. Erika M. Dawkins, Psy.D., M.Ed., CSP

Interim Executive Director

Everyone grieves at some point, arguably at many points in their lives. To be left to navigate that hurt and loss alone is unimaginable. I am most interested in helping those who are navigating loss to be able to feel supported, and provide tools that they can use for years to come.

It’s important to me that folks understand that their experience is normal, and understand that their grief is personal. Doing this work in Chester matters to me because of all that Chester has given to me in the time I’ve lived here, and seeing how much Chester has to offer. Healing is revolutionary, and its important for me to be a part of Chester’s healing.

Erika M. Dawkins, PsyD, MEd, CSP is currently an assistant professor at Widener University in the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology. In 2014, she completed her Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology and Masters of Education (MEd) in Human Sexuality at Widener University, as part of one of their dual degree programs. Also while at Widener, Dr. Dawkins completed the necessary training in school psychology, and is a certified school psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania.
She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Howard University in 2008, graduating magna cum laude. Dr. Dawkins is a member of Life in Christ Ministries in Chester, PA under Bishop Dickie Robbins and Pastor Tina Robbins. She has served there for fifteen years, and is a greeter, in house mental health consultant, and Director of the Education Committee.

Dr. Dawkins’ clinical and research interests include minority identity development, microaggressions, intersectionality, couples therapy, human sexuality, and more recently, the impact that social media has on self image and the development and maintenance of interpersonal relationships. In supporting young minorities around having positive, healthy relationships, Dr. Dawkins has had the opportunity to speak with numerous youth groups, colleges and universities, and private groups around various challenges they may face, and how to navigate them. She has a passion for working with brown women and families who are seeking to develop and maintain strong, healthy intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Dawkins is also a requested inspirational speaker. Often using her own life story to motivate and encourage those she encounters, her belief is that transparency and communication are the keys to making the connections we desire. In 2019, Dr. Dawkins opened her own counseling, consulting and coaching firm, Revolutionary Perspectives, LLC. Her life philosophy and objective as the owner of Revolutionary Perspectives, LLC is to “Encourage radical change. Inspire far-reaching impact.”
Most recently, she has been asked to serve as the behavioral health advisor for a commission to increase deflection and diversion of individuals stopped by police for sex related crimes, chartered by the Mayor of the City of Harvey under the direction of the Chief of Police for the City of Harvey.

For self-care, Dr. Dawkins enjoys decorative planning/journaling, attending live music events, lifting weights, and traveling. Dr. Dawkins credits her success thus far to her faith in God; her family and friends who push her and challenge her at every turn; and her fearless, run full speed ahead attitude, knowing that even if she trips, she can always get back up and get back at it.