Our Mission and Vision


CCC supports communities affected by gun violence, provides tools for coping with and processing trauma on the journey towards holistic healing while considerate of the needs of its members.


Cultivate community, empower healing and hope to build peace for those impacted by violence and trauma in Delaware County.


Our values are shown by an approach that is

  • Compassionate
    • Show genuine concern.
    • Attend to others with empathy and understanding.
    • Promote healing.
    • Communicate respectfully
  • Trauma-informed
    • Consistently assess our organization and systems to make sure we can respond to the needs of the community.
    • Carefully engage participants to maintain safety from retraumatization by considering their experience and perspective.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of traumatic experiences in all activities, work, and services.
    • Ensure consistent support, resources, and messaging.
  • Holistic
    • Consider the whole person and offer biological, psychological, social, and spiritual resources.
    • Provide integrative and innovative collaborations and services.
    • Be present for our community and offer support.