Edward Mack

Edward Mack

 Case Manager

Edward Mack is currently a Case Manager with the Chester Community Coalition assisting families and individuals to achieve and plan goals. Edward earned an undergraduate degree from Cheyney University majoring in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. This led to him establishing and having a successful business; however, his passion has remained steady with a passion for community service.

Edward was born and raised in North Philadelphia in a community that was infused with poverty and violence. His memories of losing loved ones to gun violence perpetuated his continuous involvement in social services, specifically focusing on trauma informed care. Professionally, Edward holds 25 years working with the community in various aspects of social services such as: Case Management, Family Services, Transitional Housing for college bound youth, Life planning/mentoring skills.

The greatest thing that Edward has learned as a mental health worker is the understanding of different cultures and how to apply his skills, knowledge and most of all personal experience to addressing the community and or individual’s needs. Creating voice and joining forces with the underserved and many times overlooked communities and individuals. Edwards application to emotional intelligence is at the center of everything that he does professionally or personally.

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