Healing and Strength

Healing and. Strength


It is normal for trauma and grief to have strong emotional effects on children and grownups. While it is natural for our bodies to respond to danger by releasing chemicals that get us ready to fight, take flight, or freeze– trauma and grief can set off feelings of fear, anger and anxiety that are overwhelming in the day to day.

In this program, you will have space to process your grief and learn skills to ground yourself and your children. Groups for 12 weeks in the evening and we offer door-to-door transportation and dinner.

Grief support includes:

  • Art therapy for children 4-7, where children practice ways to name their emotions and cope with their feelings through art, play, and stories.
  • Groups for children 8-12 years old and teens 13-17 years old, where they can process their feelings and remember their loved ones through crafts, activities and discussions.
  • Groups for adults 18 and older, focused on processing grief and learning coping skills in a supportive space with others who have similar experiences.

Groups are strictly confidential and free of cost.  Call 610-368-0714 or 215-617-2629 to register.