Individual Support

Sometimes things are going along fine until something happens– a big life event changes you, rocks you to your core. Then, everyday tasks seem to take more effort, or you find yourself struggling with things that were no trouble before. At Chester Community Coalition, our goal is to support you in navigating the challenges that life brings.

In individual therapy we partner with you to name, rebuild and reintegrate healthy ways to navigate the world. You will identify the current patterns and behaviors that contribute to your experience and we will work collaboratively around what concerns you. Our role is to help you navigate barriers and obstacles so you can achieve personal growth and satisfaction.

Individual sessions are one-on-one, and last for approximately 45 to 50 minutes. Typically after 18-20 sessions, we’ll talk about the progress that is being made and the continued need for support. 

Individual and family therapy are available to adult and children survivors of violence or traumatic grief. Sessions are offered virtually or in-person. 

Call us at 610-368-0714 or 215-617-2629 to schedule an intake or learn more.  

Individual Support