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Grief Support

Losing someone suddenly to violence is one of the worst experiences anyone can have.  There is no way to fill that space that they have in your heart and your life.  Our grief support does not try to do that.  We provide a safe space to integrate the new reality of your life, remember your loved one, and actively create healthy coping skills for yourself and your family.  Over 12 weeks, we offer art therapy for young children, group therapy, and support from licensed experience professionals and others who have a similar experience as you. 

Survivor Support

Have you been injured or witnessed violence?  Our survivor support groups provide a safe space for you to process what you have been through.  Licensed therapists help guide you through an evidence-based curriculum over 10 weeks. 

Individual Support

Short-term, individual, and family counseling for people impacted by violence in the past 6 months. 

Youth Support Groups

Support groups set up to provide support for young people in a familiar environment.  We partner with schools, after-school programs, or other organizations to meet with their young people and help them to make sense of the violence they may be experiencing directly or indirectly.

Case Management

We provide trauma-informed case management to help you with picking up the pieces, accessing needed resources, and creating the quality of life  you want to have for yourself and your family.