Kwon Prescott

Kwon Prescott

Intervention Specialist

Kwon is currently an intervention specialist at Chester community coalition. He is a member of the hospital-linked intervention program team through the partnership with Crozer Chester Medical Center. He provides peer support and trauma informed services, as he works to assist families and individuals who have been impacted by gun violence.

Kwon spent time at Delaware Community College where he studied communication and arts. He is a graduate from STEM Academy in Chester, PA. Kwon is a former correctional officer at George W. Hill correctional facility, where he saw an opportunity to help prevent incarceration and violence through peer support.

His passion has always been to help others. Kwon was born and raised in Chester, Pa. in a community that is infused with violence and poverty. He has memories of losing family and close friends to gun violence.

Kwon is also a survivor of gun violence which has catapulted him towards positive change, to include a desire to be more involved in social services with a focus on trauma informed care. It is impressive how Kwon has taken his experiences and turned them into a powerful drive to help others especially in the field of trauma informed care. His journey to get here shows his commitment to making a positive impact in his community