Executive Director Elect

As a Chester native, I have witnessed the impact of gun violence on the city and first hand in 2002 when my older brother was gunned down. I often reflect on my grief and healing process and when I look at my mother who lost her only son and wonder “how did she get through?” and “How did WE get through?” For me, understanding the process of grief and loss, accepting the support of others, learning healthy ways to cope with the loss, and finding ways to memorialize and remember my oldest brother continue to help me get through. My goal is to help others understand trauma, how it influences what we do and think, and ways to turn our pain into purpose. When I learned about the trauma-grief group, I immediately started to brainstorms ways to get involved. This was the opportunity I had been praying for. The opportunity to give back, what was given to me. HOPE! It has been a pleasure being a part of and working with the Chester Community Coalition and all of the group participants. Witnessing the resiliency and willingness to be vulnerable as families navigate through the process of healing, is a heart-warming and rewarding experience.

Lashira Council is a dedicated Program Director for Chester Community Coalition. She is a Chester native, who lost her oldest brother to gun violence, and is committed to the work it takes to combat the gun violence epidemic in the City of Chester. She is passionate about her work, and invests her time and energy in helping individuals and families affected by this issue to find the support and hope they need.

Ms. Council is also a licensed professional counselor who earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Cheyney University of Pennsylviania in 2002. She later earned her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College. Her professional experiences include, providing leadership and training for clinical professionals at an outpatient recovery center, facilitating group and individual therapy, and assessing programs for improvement.

Through her leadership, she has inspired many in the community to become involved in this critical effort, making a positive impact. Lashira’s dedication and commitment to helping those affected by gun violence is truly admirable and showcases her ability to make a positive difference in her community.